What is the NSW Speleological Council (NSWSC)?

The NSWSC is the NSW & ACT arm of the Australian Speleological Federation Inc.
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Who is the NSWSC?

Membership of the Council is made up of Federation member societies within NSW and the ACT
The Council also has a number of Associate organisations who are also Associates of the Federation and based in NSW.

What is the role of the NSWSC?

  1. to provide a forum for discussion of issues of concern to member societies, and where agreed by the Council, to take action on such issues.
  2. where appropriate, to speak on behalf of or to represent the interests of all member societies.
  3. to arrange such joint activities or integration of society activities as may be agreed by the member societies
  4. to provide a clearing house for the exchange of information or other communication between member societies
  5. to undertake any other action or function agreed by member societies provided that no actions of the Council shall conflict with the general policies of the Federation, and that no actions shall be taken in respect of matters outside the geographical area covered by the Council's membership.